Discordia are handmade cycles, welded in Germany & built up in Berlin since 2015. Focusing on CAD designed lightweight aluminium frames feat. CNC machined custum dropouts. These bikes are made for the city.

Discordia offers track/singlespeed frames making use of the roadbike standard width in the rear.

130 mm O.L.D. enables using any racebike freehub wheel and therefore any crank, race or track, simple chainline adjustment. In addition, you can choose almost any ratio using the same chainring (e.g. 48 Teeth). 1/8 inch wide spline cogs are available from 12 to 20 teeth!

It all started in the 90s, as a bike messenger, with an old Raleigh 2×5 speed steel-frame racebike. Soon discovering fixed-gear and single-speed as low maintentance and more reliable bikes. My first track bike was a chrome-plated Pogliaghi! Later I rode a Storck Vision Light as a converted Single-Speed for years, using White Industries Eccentric Eno Hub together with the Dura Ace Road Crank (Hollowtech II).

Still making some money as a courier in Berlin riding Discordia and confirming durability every day!

See u on the streets